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About us

At PCS, we prioritize people, patients, and processes. Our mission is to ensure safe and accessible medicine for all, emphasizing the importance of understanding and optimizing core processes, whether it be manufacturing or distributing medicine.

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Founded company

Founded to shift the industry's emphasis from mere compliance to a more genuine, process-oriented approach to quality.

First training

Organized the first "GMP for Middle Management" training, a training that is still being organized and is now entering its fifty-ninth edition in 2024.


Jaap Koster becomes the CEO of PCS, expanding the portfolio with Jaap's extensive experience in GMP, crisis-management and process-engineering.

Qualified Person Training

PCS acquires the "Quality Management in Pharma and Biotech" postgraduate education program for (new) Qualified Persons in the Netherlands.

Your partner in pharma & biotech

Specializing in GxP and pharmaceutical quality, we offer full-scope solutions in quality and global compliance. Our services include consultancy, audits and training, making us your go-to partner for quality excellence.

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Our mission

To solve quality challenges, improve patient safety and help our clients become confident in their product, business and future.

Our vision is to seamlessly integrate quality into the very DNA of our clients, enabling them to attain maturity in quality management. We aim to transition them from wasteful investments to value-added initiatives, focusing on quality and production. When challenges arise or clarity is sought in investment planning, PCS is the go-to partner for decisive quality solutions.

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We integrate quality and GxP into your business strategy, transforming them from compliance tasks into drivers of success and satisfaction.

This approach enables us to partner with enterprises of all sizes, globally advancing successful quality transformations.


Audits performed

At all categories of third-party suppliers.

703 participants

We're proud to have trained over 10,000 GxP professionals since 1990.

PCS Academy organizes training in GMP, GDP and pharmaceutical quality.


Years of experience in pharmaceutical consultancy, training and audits. Helping clients worldwide by sharing the purpose of quality.

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