working at PCS

what it's like

Work in a dynamic team,

We have a young team combined with some older folks who actually know what they're doing.
Just kidding. We have some of the most experienced experts out there supported by a team of passionate individuals, working hard to improve medicine.

never get bored

Our industry is challenging, it changes all the time. So does our work, it varies from day to day and being able to set priorities is a great skill to have when you work for PCS. By continually learning and doing new things you'll never get bored working here

and develop new skills!

Don't worry, you don't need to know the pharma industry inside-out, we'll teach you the basic knowledge and essential skills for the job. Our office-based team is largely composed of people from other industries with different perspectives and skills.

working at PCS

what we do

Pharmaceutical Consultancy Services, best known as "PCS" is a training, consultancy and software provider. It's our job to help the pharma and biotech industry produce and distribute medicines that are safe, of the right quality and efficacy.

We love solving complex problems. And the problems in pharma and biotech are rarely easy. Second, we believe that patients worldwide deserve access to safe medicine. We want to contribute to that goal.

By focusing on the core process, working cultures and patient safety. We employ a combination of hands-on support, training and software to achieve this.

working at PCS

what sets us apart

Flexible working hours at PCS

Work when you like, where you like

Many companies say they offer it. We embedded it in our culture.

If you're an early bird, start at 8:00 AM. If you're grumpy in the morning, well... we'd like you to start at 10:00 AM. We believe that you deliver the best performance at the times you're most comfortable working. We encourage our employees to work time independent. We don't care when the job gets done, as long as it gets done when your work is needed most.

Happy worker interview

Great atmosphere, open culture

The average person spends 90,000 hours of their life working. When you decide to spend time at PCS that time should be spent in an open culture and a good working atmosphere.

Our hierarchy is mostly flat; compliments and feedback reach their destination a lot quicker this way. At PCS we want you to develop yourself, when you're stuck between layers that won't happen.

working at PCS

what we're working on

Besides the day-to-day stuff we're investing significant resources in new initiatives and products. This makes for exciting and challenging times. We've detailed some of the things we could use your help on.


QP Education

PCS is co-developing and marketing an educational program for Qualified Persons. The program will consist of five modules to train upcoming and exisiting Qualified Persons for the job.


Short Clips

To better inform the pharmaceutical industry of the regulatory requirements we are investing in a series of short video clips on relevant pharmaceutical topics. These video's will help companies outside of the EU to understand the requirements for entering the European market.



PCS is working hard to expand it's eLearning offering. A very time consuming but rewarding process. We believe that our eLearning offering will educate the pharmaceutical industry with the same quality, at a lower cost.

working at PCS


Check out our career opportunities below. Application details are usually contained within the attached PDF.