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We gather so much GMP data in Excel sheets but never analyze it properly, it's too disconnected, too unrelated. It's a shame! Wouldn't you like real-time data on your production process, QMS and batch release in one reporting environment?

That's why we created the Management Review & Product Quality Review feature in PCS Intelligence!

Make customizable reports in PCS Intelligence

element of a management review report in a GMP environment showing number of complaints in a graph

What are the main benefits of this feature?

  • It's no longer QA's job to compile PQR/MR info. Everyone can. Because the reports are pre-built, easy!

  • Connect PLC's to see equipment data in realtime and generate reports

  • Our standard Management Reports (MR) / Product Quality Review (PQR) are GMP compliant

  • Reports can be e-mailed at automated intervals to management

  • See reports on any level: employee, department or company-wide, you decide

  • Any data in PCS Intelligence can be converted to a report, even the amount of deviations per individual piece of equipment for example

Hit the ground running with our standard GMP reports!

You can make any type of report you want, using all the data you've ever entered into the system. It's possible! But if you want results quickly you can rely on a number of standard reports in PCS Intelligence, including: deviations, complaints, amount of SOP's trained on, SOP's due for renewal, change control timelines and many more!

hand pointing at a sheet containing GMP data

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