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GMP Digital Batch Record Software

You need to release batches. Analyzing the information from batch records quickly and accurately is key. But this is the real world! Mistakes happen and on paper, there's no automated check on what the operater writes down.

To speed up the release process and ensure data integrity we've created digital batch records in PCS Intelligence.

Completing and checking batch records is easier than ever in PCS Intelligence!

digital batch record software pcs intelligence, showing an example batch record in gmp software

Why you need our digital batch record software

Automated input checks

Ensure operators enter the correct values. Automated input checks can spot mistakes before they are made. A standard feature in PCS Intelligence!

Less of this, a lot less!

He looks happy with his big stack of paper. But we're not. We want to reduce those 500-page batch records to digital forms and digital checks. Let our software analyze the data and automatically compile the results into a comprehensive report for the QP to review.

Get batches out the door quicker

All those automated checks and data processing options in PCS Intelligence allow you to get batches out the door quicker, no more large stacks of paper (unless you really really want them), just meaningful and accurate data to base your release decisions on.

How our smart batch record software can help you?

  • Let operators fill in the records on a tablet, PC or other devices

  • Direct interaction with operator when a mistake is made or data is OOT

  • Automated input checks eliminate wrong data entry and speed up the QP's work

  • Operators/QA can start deviations from inside the program when a deviation occurs

  • Connect equipment to feed PCS Intelligence with batch-related GMP data while it happens

  • Effortlessly add photo's, video's, photocopies or other "evidence" to the batch record

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