GDP eLearning - What is GDP & Why Do We Do It? eLearning

  • GDP eLearning Course
  • 45-60 min.
  • 75. - EUR
  • Understanding the overarching objective of Good Distribution Practice
  • Summarizing the key principles of GDP
  • Able to find the guidelines on the internet
  • Provide examples of good GDP attitude

This course allows new employees to quickly learn in a fun and interactive way what GDP is, why it's so important, and shows what the expected GDP-attitude is in the pharmaceutical industry.


“Maintaining the integrity and quality and preventing falsified medicinal products and its active substances entering the legal supply chain” is the key objective of Good Distribution Practices (GDP). In this course, the basic principle of GDP is outlined, explaining that the GDP-systems are mandated by the national authorities to regulate distribution, ensuring that medicines remain safe and effective.

Why you should follow this course

PCS has organized GMP & GDP training since 1990. That's 31 years of training experience! PCS translates all these years of experience into an interactive and fun way of learning about the GMP's and GDP's online!

  • Experienced expert trainers
  • Internationally recognized official training certificate
  • Easy & fun ways of learning about the GMP and GDP
  • Each course ends in an exam, testing your knowledge

Course Contents

Duration, Difficulty & Pricing

45-60 min.

75. - EUR ex. VAT*

Level One: Basic


Participants completing this course with good result will receive a certificate that they have succesfully completed this course and it's exam. The grade obtained in the exam will be reflected on the certificate. The certificate is a digital certificate.