In-House GMP & GDP Training

PCS has 32 of experience in providing training to GMP and GDP regulated organizations. This includes manufacturers, distributors, laboratories, hospitals, pharmacies and related industries. An advantage of our in-house training courses is that the program, training content, workshops, exercises and methodology can be adapted to suit the specific needs of your company.

Most Popular In-House Training

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In-House Training Offer

Below you will find an overview of some of our internal training courses. The list below is not all-encompassing. Contact PCS if the training you are looking for is not listed.

GMP & GDP Auditing Training

Auditing (Inspection) of suppliers is a GMP & GDP requirement. PCS has a number of auditing courses which can be provided in-house. PCS can focus on your specific GMP & GDP Auditing procedures and/or policies.


As we are working in a high-risk industry it is essential for engineering activities to be executed according to GMP & GDP regulations. PCS can help your Maintenance and Engineering departments develop a better understanding of these regulations and adapt accordingly.

Production Process

The production process is the most important element within every pharmaceutical company. To retain control of this process is essential to adhering to GMP & GDP regulations. These PCS courses are designed to assist your company in controlling, upgrading and assessing your production processes.

Quality Management Systems

Quality Management systems are difficult to implement, maintain or upgrade. PCS has a number of courses aimed at specific parts of a QMS which can be adapted to focus on your own Quality System.

Quality Control (QC)

The Quality Control department is responsible for testing a variety of parameters. Whether its a complex finished product or a bag of talc, you want the tests to be accurate and according to GMP & GDP regulations. PCS can help your QC department reduce deviations and apply to regulatory requirements through its courses specifically designed for the Quality Control laboratory.

General GXP Courses

The following courses do not apply to a specific category but are designed to offer participants different levels of GMP & GDP related training. Process operators might benefit from a GMP Basic Course while upper management may benefit from a Quality Culture training or GMP Update seminar.