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About us

Many pharma companies struggle with regulatory compliance, GMP is almost always synonymous to "Great Masses of Paper", or "Get More People". Helping the pharma industry achieve regulatory compliance efficiently is what we do. It's why we exist, it's what we're passionate about. We have been helping companies worldwide; from vaccines, biologicals, OSD and liquid capsules to medicinal cannabis.

Behind the scenes you will find a small but passionate team dedicated to help you solve those complex regulatory puzzles. Being small and agile, we've learnt to be flexible and punch above our weight. That's why we work with the biggest and best.

We want to be your number-one go-to company when it comes to regulatory compliance in pharma. Whatever the question is, we're here to help!

Eng. Jaap Koster

Meet our CEO

CEO Jaap Koster, Eng. PCS GMP-GDP Consultant

Jaap Koster has 39 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry in North- and South America, Asia, Africa and Europe. He worked in bulk chemicals, (aseptic) biologics and packaging. Over his career Jaap has performed numerous audits, training and interim-management projects including head corporate quality assurance for two mid-sized vaccine manufacturers. With his engineering & process experience Jaap has built more than 10 GMP facilities amongst which; aseptic biologicals, OSD and pharmaceutical cannabis. He has assumed the position of CEO at PCS in 2013.

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PCS's mission is to ensure safe medicines worldwide by enabling the pharmaceutical industry to work with optimal quality, processes and working cultures easily.

Doctor preparing flu shot

Safe medicines worldwide, for everyone

To keep patients safe from substandard products is the collective responsibility of the pharmaceutical industry.

As a global pharmaceutical consultancy organisation we feel it is our responsibility to ensure that the medicines we work with are safe, available and of the right quality and efficacy.

Pharmaceutical worker checking vial

Optimal quality in pharmaceutical processes

We see a lot of companies making quality complicated. Huge quality systems, scattered information and an endless list of CAPA's.

That's not optimal quality. We want to cut through the chaos and help our clients focus on their core process and reduce busywork. Let's increase your production or distribution instead of your paperwork.

Pharmaceutical workers perform chemical testing

Effective working cultures in pharma

Optimal quality requires everyone to work together in harmony, from senior management to operators. An effective working culture is key.

Think back to the last time you and your team were working in harmony. Time flies by and work got done almost effortlessly. That's how we want most days to be, by helping you and your team achieve an effective quality culture.

The core values that help us to continuously refine and achieve our mission

Our job is making choices. We get paid to make the right choices and yelled at when we make a wrong one. That's fine, it keeps us on our toes.

But making the ethical decision is something we always strive to do. Putting the patient and quality first, economic interests second.

We do what we promise, keeping the law in mind and being transparent along the way.

We don't like busywork. It's boring and we hate to waste time on not getting things done.

Getting things done is what we love. Making sure you get that GMP license or solving that endless root-cause analysis for a deviation.

Whenever we work with you, we like to finish the job as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Helping our clients with problems is why we exist. But those problems are rarely simple and straightforward.

If we want to continue helping our clients we must stay knowledgeable. We strive to stay up to date with all important regulatory changes, industry standards and the practical application of these laws and standards.

Meet our team

Meet our great team of speakers, consultants, associates and support staff! Together they ensure PCS stays the way it is; a dynamic group of enthousiastic experts working to make regulatory compliance easy.

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